About events

Dedicated to the breeds of the HPR Sub Group. The HPRGA plans events open to all during the year.

To encourage the fitness and function of the breeds the HPRGA holds events to encourage members to develop their dogs natural talents in the field through training days, Pointing tests our Working Test and our Field Trials. Whilst also promoting and encouraging the breeding of correctly constructed dogs true to breed type through ringcraft days and our annual dogshow.

The HPRGA also plans seminars of interest to all on various subjects throughout the year and encourages member participation in all arenas.

For more information about various events look at our Working, Show and Education and Other sections.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions for future events of interest. The main contacts are listed below. Also see the Committee members page.

Show Secretary

Michele Day
​Email: show_secretary@hprga.co.uk

Field Trial Secretary

Alex Friar
Email: ft_secretary@hprga.co.uk

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