Changes to the Judges Education Programme

Judges Education Programme

As of January 2021 the Kennel Club has stated that Judges should meet certain basic requirements.  Previously, as we all know, Breed Clubs maintained their own Judging Lists and, in some instances, as minimum numbers were required in order to progress some people could effectively never achieve the number of dogs in order to so do.

Level 1 is the basic level at which one can accept judging appointments.  Level 1 requires that the prospective judge fulfils the following criteria:

  1. Has a minimum of 5 years proven interest in pedigree dogs.
  2. Attends the Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar (not required to pass the exam at this point)
  3. Attends a Conformation and Movement Seminar.
  4. Completes 2 full days of Stewarding.

Once this level has been achieved, then the judge is eligible to judge 3 classes (4 classes if 1 is a Puppy class) at Open & Limited Shows for a particular breed.

Level 2 requires the above but passing the Requirements of a Dog Show Judge.

Attending a BAD for the breed & pass the MCE (multiple choice exam)

Watch the stewarding seminar and take the online quiz.

Complete the critique writing seminar & take the online quiz.

This allows judging of any number of classes in that breed.

If any individual judge wishes to judge more than 1 breed, then a BAD & MCE should be completed for each individual breed.

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