Water Training Day 6th June
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Lenches Lakes LENCHES LAKES LIMITED, Hill Barn Orchard, Evesham Rd, Evesham

  The Hunt, Point & Retrieve Gundog Association with the kind permission of Mrs A. Badger are holding a Water Training Day on Sunday the 6th of June 2021 at Lenches Lakes, Evesham. A great opportunity for handlers and dogs to widen their experience and skills in what is expected in respect of the water … Continue reading "Water Training Day 6th June
Education, Field Trials, Working"

Show Ring Handling Workshop Saturday 16th October 2021
Education, Show

  Presented by: Russell Mosedale of Knightsbay Dog Training At Bagworth Community Centre, Station Rd, Bagworth, Coalville LE67 1BH “Become a team to be reckoned with!” Russell has over 40 years’ experience in showing dogs as owner, handler, and judge. He awards CC’s in 19 breeds, 18 being Gundogs and judges all over the UK, … Continue reading "Show Ring Handling Workshop Saturday 16th October 2021
Education, Show"

All Aged Trial
Field Trials, Working


We are holding an All Aged Trial at Wispington, Lincolnshire by kind permission of Rory and Jane Major on Tuesday 19th October. Entries can be made online via Fossedata with further information below and on our website. Looking forward to what is always a good day on this ground.    

Open Show 2021

Hermitage Leisure Center Whitwick, Leicester

SAVE THE DATE The HPRGA would like to reassure everyone that we are making every effort to hold our annual open show as planned in November 2021. Further updates will be released in due course https://www.highampress.co.uk/shows/hunt-point-retrieve-gundog-association-open

Open show 2021

Please note the following entry figures for our upcoming show on 21st November. Bracco 6, Brittany 16, GSP 29, GWP 3, Vizsla 18, WH Vizsla 18, Spinone 13, Munsterlander 17, Weimaraner 18, Import Register 8. First in Ring 1 will be Vizsla followed by Weimaraners, Ring 2 Brittany followed by Munsterlanders, Ring 3 GSP followed … Continue reading "Open show 2021

Novice Stake
Field Trials, Working


Entries for this trial are NOT on Fossedata, entries should be sent to the FT Secretary via email only. All Entries over email will be acknowledged via reply. Entries should be emailed to ft_secretary @hprga.co.uk Payment will be requested via BACs after the draw has taken place with instructions on how to do so when … Continue reading "Novice Stake
Field Trials, Working"

Education, Working
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Peak Naze Moor Directions with draw, Glossop, Derbyshire

  Dogs will be assessed at the end of the day, and those considered worthy will be graded; EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD or GOOD. Dogs will be run singly into wind for a minimum of 10 minutes. They will be allowed one minute to settle down. Priority will be given to game finding and therefore natural … Continue reading "GROUSE POINTING TEST 2022
Education, Working
Results added"

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