Training with Rory Major – 24 Mar 2018

This full and fascinating day kicked off promptly at 0900hrs. Over tea and coffee Rory introduced us to his philosophy and methods of training dogs for the demands of hunting and trial work. With his friendly, engaging and humorous style we soon felt at home, particularly as we all had opportunity to talk about our own animals’ issues and ambitions for them.

We then headed out in convoy across the spectacular Lincolnshire fens to a large open area where the hands-on training began. Main points worked on at this stage were healing, the retrieve and quartering. Each dog and owner had plenty of 1:1 attention from Rory. Limiting attendance to 6 dogs seemed very sensible in this respect.

After a picnic-lunch, we were out once more with our dogs into a large rabbit pen. The idea behind this was control in the face of tempting distraction! Then training on-point with live pigeons!

The day finished off with a round-up in the fading light and cool drizzle! All-in in all a terrific day. “Full-on” but also with a relaxed sociable atmosphere. Although targeted novices, more advanced handlers will find much to gain from attending. Rory is to be congratulated. Full-on 100% effort from Rory – so generous in sharing his knowledge and insight. Humane, pragmatic and consistant messages across the board. We now feel well prepared and enthused to continue on the training road ahead. More than happy to do the 300 mile round trip again !

Thank you to both Rory and HPRGA for organizing this event.

Jim and Rachel Hammond, and Tulipe ( Brittany).

Pictures courtesy of Jim and Rachel Stevenson

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