The following is a list of events where results have been published. Click on an Event for additional detail (and to share to Facebook etc)

  • Gundog Working Test – 2017

    ​April 30th 2017
    Held at: Lower Farm Bucknell Bicester Oxon OX27 7LT
    by kind permission of Richard and Cindy Carlton

    Results of our working test are as follows:

    1st Ekkolander’s Indian Summer LM/B (6/4/16) – K Saynor
    2nd SanJon En Maggi Mai @ Helwyrcwm GSP/B (17/09/16) – S Kirby
    3rd Deepthatch Rocket GSP/D (02/06/16) – R Lewis
    4th Warrendown Zelda GSP/B (26/2/16) – E Bullen

    1st Felleywood Tornado GWP/B (30/4/14) – J Clarke
    2nd Madreliath Escavatore BI/D (16/4/14) -M Ansell
    3rd Ekkolander’s Indian Summer LM/B (6/4/16) – K Saynor
    4th Karrouki Windflower HV/B (14/5/13) – S Mills

    1st Trubon Grafyte Treve WEI/D (13/9/14) -S Burton
    2nd Trubon Flysse Trevive WEI/B (11/4/11) – S Burton
    Joint 3rd Nine Banks The Swarm HV/D (24/10/14) – S Webster and Lady Gypsy Rose @Helwyrcwm GSP/B () – S Kirby
    4th Manatee Knight WEI/D () – M Harris

    NB a huge apology to Stuart Webster as his score was missed and he should have been awarded a 3rd place, therefore we have awarded a joint 3rd place

  • Grouse Pointing Test 2017

    Congratulations to all in the awards and huge thanks to all other entrants and of course our Host.

    A big special thanks to Eddie Kania who was our steward of the beat for the day.

    3 dogs were graded:

    Michael Caine’s HWV Amyrick Chasing a Dream (Junior) graded Very Good;
    Rachel Newman”s HWV Zoldmali Alom for Morganna graded Very Good;
    Mike McGurk’s GSP Harrigoss Nobles Lady graded Excellent.

  • Novice FT – Penkridge – Jan 2017


    Results of Jan 16th HPRGA Novice trial at Littleton Shoot Penkridge

    1st F Fillingham -Stubblemere Gutherie
    2nd G Pillinger- Witham Friary Tallahassee
    4th R Major – Szanjani Szeder

    COM T Rickman – Herlinga Hadley
    G/A G Pillinger- Witham Friary Tallahassee

  • Novice FT – Penkridge – Dec 2016

    A Huge Thank you goes out to all who supported our very first HPRGA Field trial! Great Company!

    A super day, super ground and super people to make the day go so well.

    Thank you to judges Eddie Kania and Simon Kirby, all the committee who came to help out. Our fantastic guns Nick Baughan, Phillip Marsh and Billy Baughan

    Our Hosts and Keepers Martin and James Ralph at Littleton Shoot 5th December 2016.

    Thank you to Photographer Michael Rogers from Dog Photos UK.

    Huge Congratulations go to the award winners:

    2nd Tracie Rickman Herlinga Hadley HWV
    3rd Shaun Moore Castlegarnstone Coranbong GWP
    4th Sarah Jenkins SH.CH. Kimmax Koming Home at Gerstenfeld GWP
    COM Linsey Whitley Questor Llewelyn GLP
    GUNS AWARD also Linsey Whitley​


  • Open Show 2016

    ​Best in Show: Weimaraner Hill’s Sh Ch Weipowa Hot to Hunt JW

    Reserve BIS: HWV Spillane’s Belatarr Hercules

    Best Puppy in Show: McCullough’s GWP Kimmax Kurious George

    Reserve BPIS: Bradley & Green’s HV Highforce One Vision

  • Open Show 2015

    Best In Show – Ms B Moss’ German Longhaired Pointer Arany’s Greta.

    Reserve BIS – Mr D & Mrs J Spillane’s Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Beltarr Charlie Parker

    Best Puppy In Show: Mrs L Townsend’s Hungarian Vizsla Daxpack Risktaker Rainscote.

    Reserve BPIS –  Mr M & Mrs L Jones’ German Shorthaired Pointer Barleyarch Dubarry.